Fresh Food at Buoys

We all know Fresh Food tastes better and is better for us. But what do those words really mean?
Many restaurants advertise “Fresh Seafood,” but in too many instances that seafood comes right out of their walk-in freezer. It may have been delivered “fresh,” but if they store it in the freezer, it’s not fresh anymore!
We start with fresh, unfrozen, products, and we hand cut and prepare them and produce some of the finest, truly fresh, dishes on St Pete Beach.

We’re committed to offering the best casual dining on St Pete Beach, and we’re working to do that consistently every day.
Did you know our dressings and sauces are prepared by hand, in-house to our own unique recipes, every morning? It’s true! Pico de Gallo? Hand-made. Cheeses? Sliced or grated by hand. Onion rings? Sure, cut from fresh onions and battered by hand. Tropical Slaw? Yes, yes, our own recipe.

Our burger is an 8 oz. patty, hand formed from fresh ground beef. There are a number of cheese options and other topping choices, all fresh and hand cut. Served on a locally baked bun, with your choice of Fries or Tropical Slaw, it’s a tasty mouthful!
And before you leave, be sure to have a slice of Key Lime Pie. We make it here, to a traditional recipe. A little tart, a little sweet, and oh so tropical.
If you are looking for Fresh Food here on St Pete Beach, come to Buoys.

Good for Groups and Large Parties

Buoy’s on St. Pete Beach, FL has long been a gathering place for friends and family in groups both large and small. The atmosphere is fun and casual, and the space inviting. With a varied menu and a full bar, Buoy’s is good for Groups and Large Parties! When it’s time to plan your next gathering we’re here to help! You can start by filling out the form below!

Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Parties

For most people, there are very few days that are more important than their wedding day. But the Wedding Rehearsal is an important lead up to that special day, and it is more than just a time to practice. It is a gathering of friends and family, and a time to share the joy. Buoy’s understands that, and they LOVE to be a part of it with you. Our attentive staff will ensure that your wedding rehearsal dinner is one you will remember for a lifetime.

Corporate Events and Parties

When it’s time to pull the team together, whether to bring the focus to a particular project, or area of concern, or whether to simply say thanks or celebrate, Buoy’s on St. Pete Beach is the perfect spot. A good corporate structure is crucial to success, and just as doing your job well is important to your company, serving your staff and making them happy is a focal point for everyone at Rick’s Reef. You can trust us to make your event a perfect way to pull the troops together and plan for the battle ahead!

Family Gatherings

Looking for the perfect spot for your family to come together? Do you need games for the kids? Entertainment for the adults? A place to watch the big game? Food for every taste? Buoy’s has years of experience with large family groups and can cover every base for you. Just use the form below to contact us and we’ll help you with every detail! We understand the importance of family, and we’re here to help you.

Good for Groups and Large Parties

Regardless of why your group wants to gather for a large party, Buoy’s can help. Just fill out this handy form to get started.

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Best Casual Dining on St. Pete Beach

Finely prepared foods from simple recipes create the best casual dining experience. On St. Pete Beach, that is exactly what you’ll find at Buoy’s restaurant. With an extensive menu of “home cooking” and Old Florida inspired items, there is something for everyone, whether they prefer simple or adventurous.

Laid-Back Place

St. Pete Beach has a rich history of notable dining establishments, but the beach has always dictated a casual dining experience. The restaurants, no matter how good the food, had to accommodate casual attire and a laid-back mood. Buoy’s on St. Pete Beach has embraced that long tradition.

Fresh Ingredients

For the best casual dining experience you want fresh ingredients sourced locally, and everything made by hand. But you also need a casual environment to enjoy it in. Buoy’s in St. Pete Beach offers everything you need! Fast friendly service, awesome food, a fun place to enjoy it, those are the keys! The rest is up to you. Bring your friends and family. Allow plenty of time. Come in shorts, T’s and flip-flops. But be prepared to experience some of the best casual dining you can imagine.